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As a hotel or motel owner, if your clients start complaining about bed bugs, then you can have a major problem on your hands. Not only will your clients ask you for reimbursement, but they may also report you to the local health department, and they may submit you to a number of directories that will blacklist your hotel. The same can be said for apartment owners! At No More Bites Tonight, we specialize in bed bug extermination and pest control. Schedule an appointment with us if you need a commercial bed bug exterminator in Pontiac and all of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois.

Once bedbugs are found in your establishment it seems as if you will never be able to get rid of them. If pest infestation is ruining your business, then you need to call the professionals at No More Bites Tonight. There is a simple reason why they keep coming back; 1) The poison evaporates; 2) It does not get the eggs and; 3) The smell of the poison causes them to hibernate in their preferred hiding places inside the walls.

Bed Bug Control – Our Rates

We use a “Green” solution that is safe for humans and animals to eat. We come in with overwhelming force and treat absolutely everywhere bedbugs can hide. Giving you the added benefit of killing all other exoskeleton bugs along with them. It is necessary for the rooms to be occupied for our treatment to kill what is already alive, which will happen in 7-10 (with no one getting bitten) days. The room is cleaned according to our instruction leaving the treatment everywhere the bugs can hide without being seen by the occupant.

For immediate relief at 1/4 of the price “Call Today” and your tenants will “Sleep in Peace Tonight.

Call to schedule an appointment with our exterminator today! Let your clients, guests, and tenants rest easy tonight with extermination services from No More Bites Tonight!

For bed bug infestations you don’t have to throw anything away just provide us with a fitted sheet to leave permanently on each bed (place a second for washing) to hold in our treatment. This guarantees the longevity of our service. We do the jobs the big boys can’t handle. We don’t try to “Find” the bugs or “Lure” the bugs we use the “Dummy” method and come in with overwhelming force eliminating all hiding places for bugs. “Call Today and Sleep in Peace Tonight” with “No More Bites Tonight”.

We do the tough jobs the poison companies can not handle and we do it perfectly, every time.

When you choose No More Bites Tonight, we go the extra mile by providing you with helpful tips to prevent pest infestation. We also teach you to look out for the early signs so that you can call for help as early as possible. We believe that having the right knowledge goes a long way in prevention and control. Acquire our services now! Call today, and sleep in peace tonight!\


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